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The scanner is dead, not as in "malfunctioning" but dead as in sqaushed flat with a shattered screen. Until it can be replaced we won't be able to move forward with the story line comics for "Gamma Shift", because we suck at keeping up a buffer for updating. Kerin and Dava are trying to get thier schedules more in sync again, but since Dava is back to work full time the writting side of things is slower than we would like. Since Dava's health has mostly recovered we shouldn't be having any more huge gaps once Kerin is done moving, and we should be able to make a buffer once the equipment is up again, but the schedule is likely to be slow. You'd think people who spend as much time reading comics as we do would be able to run one better, eh? Unfortunately our other projects are bogged down too. We may have to change the comics' update schedules to once a month for a while, too much of that dang "real life" crap is going on right now. The "Alien U" story site should resume updating in the next month or so. Also, we may have an artist for "Feral Angels", so you won't have to look at too many more of Dava's pictures of the bridge. Thanks for bearing with us!

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